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How to use the remedy

The remedy is used to helps men to get and keep erectile function through sexual stimulations. The working process of the remedy is the same that is in the others cures of similar type. It helps blood cells to reach penis.

One is recommended to take only 10 milligrams of the remedy in one day and to do it one hour before sexual activity. If one has not suffered from any side effects he may increase the dosage up to twenty milligrams. If one has some troubles with health using ten milligrams he can decrease the dosage to five milligrams. One should avoid take more because it may result in an overdosage and cause some hard troubles.


One should be careful using the remedy if he has disease of cardiovascular system, may be it is better to avoid the remedy if one had history of heart attack. IN any case one should notify his doctor when he is going to take the remedy if he had a disease of kidney or liver, some allergies to the remedy or other cures, as well as to some meals.

One should never use the remedy if he has less than sixteen years old, used some organic nitrates.

Side effects that may occur are nausea, dizziness, vision or hearing problems, pain in back and others. Any side effect may be light or hard enough and may last for long period of time. In that case One should immediately notify the doctor and stop using the remedy.

It is possible that the remedy may interact with some other cures, especially indinavir, ritonavir, itraconazole and others

There may be some situations when people miss their dosage. In those cases when they suspect it, they should immediately inform their doctors and describe them possible symptoms. They can be problems with vision, pain in back and so on.

The remedy should be kept at room temperature far from direct light and wet, as well as kids or pets.

One should remember, that the information given in this instruction may be incomplete. Any way before using the remedy one should inform his doctor and follow all necessary prescriptions and recommendations. If doctor does not allow the use of the remedy it is better to avoid it. It is not recommended to break doctor’s advises because it may be dangerous for health. This instruction disclaims all possible mistakes and misunderstandings.

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